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Nelson Humanised Not Demonised

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Guests at the historic Royal Automobile Club of Australia in Sydney's CBD have praised the Clubs' latest literary event featuring historic author Oliver Greeves. The event offered new insights into the issues and the real story behind British Hero Admiral Horatio Nelson - as well as excellent conversation and a delicious lunch!

"Oliver gave a well-researched presentation, thoughtfully delivered, drawing on his own thorough knowledge to make the subject 'come alive'. It was a most enlightening insight into the life of Horatio Nelson and the experiences of Fanny, his wife, which generated one of the liveliest question times we have had; with much comment on when he can join us again!

- RACA Club President Megan Lavender

The 45 guests enjoyed the presentation featuring insights into the trends for new authors, the scandals and victories of British hero Admiral Lord Nelson and the role of the women in his life and times.

New Insights into Nelson

Guests commented that considering Oliver was a direct descendant of Nelson' estranged wife Fanny, it was interesting to hear that Oliver did not set out to demonise the hero. Oliver shared many compliments on Nelson's political and battle tactics and tenacity, but also the back ground story and pressures which led to the 'social' decisions that scar his story. Oliver said his goal as an author and speaker, was to humanise the fascinating character of Nelson, not to demonise him.

Guests kindly left comments including “1st class”, “enjoyable and informative”, “appreciated the scholarly details” and “fascinating thank you”. The RACA Ladies Committee ensured a very welcoming and excellently run event. The food, wine and service were worthy of the beautiful and sophisticated venue.

Audio Book and New Novel Announced

Oliver announced his debut novel Nelson's Folly will soon be available as an audio book. He also treated the audience to a reading from his upcoming novel, Nelson's Lost Son, featuring the adventures of Nelson's stepson Josiah. The historical novel, which ends with Nelson's heroic death, follows his stepson's struggle for survival and identity. Josiah grows up as he faces adventures on land and sea, meeting characters who are battling against the limitations of their time - and against the French. The novel is mainly set on Nevis, the slave island where Fanny, Josiah's mother, was raised and which Oliver visited as part of his thorough research.

Search for More Literary Lunches

Inspired by Oliver's presentation, lively conversation over lunch drifted from discussions of leaderships and battle tactics, to the unsung role of women behind decision makers and the benefits of taking the time to read novels in our hectic age.

Oliver said he especially enjoys presenting at literary lunches because he appreciates the opportunity to speak with people interested in promoting quality reading and writing. As he visited the guests, they shared what they looked for in a quality read and their thoughts on how the world had changed since Nelson's time - and how it had not.

If anyone knows of any groups who would welcome a historical author as a guest speaker, please share in the comments below or email Oliver at

If you would like to be invited to the launch of Nelson's Lost Son and Oliver's other future events, please sign up to ‘stay in touch’ on the home page of this website.

Nelson's Folly can be purchased as an ebook or in hard copy via Amazon - find the links on the home page.

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